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Dragon Roll

Best Sushi Roll...EVER!!Read More

Red Ruby Dessert (Tub Tim Grob)

A dessert from my heart.Read More

Shrimp Sauce & Spicy Mayo

"Why is this called Shrimp Sauce?"....No clueRead More

Sushi Rice

The "Heart" of SushiRead More

Korean Potato Salad

Potato salad with the kimchi "funk"Read More

Mongolian Steak

"Booshie Mongolian Steak"Read More

Caprese Salad

"Insalata Caprese"Read More

Edamame Hummus

"Hummus with Meraki"Read More

Scallion Oil

"Green Gold"Read More

Szechuan Steak Tartare

"Tartare a la Szechuan"Read More