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China Trip 2016: Part 2 of 3: The Sights

Fiya’s trip to China: A tale of two extremes.

I get confused by many things in this world. My top three are currently…

  1. Politics (specifically the 2016 election)…
  2. Female emotions and…
  3. How the Kardashians rose to fame.

Then I went to China. Believe me when I say, China is by far the most confusing!


I am Chinese. Full, 100%, purebred Chinese…but I was born and raised in America. I know how to speak Cantonese (on a very basic level) but I don’t know how to read Chinese (which turns out to be a very valuable skill while in China). Aside from the obvious inability to communicate, what threw me off the most was how this trip was pulled in to two extremes. Here is what I noticed.


Travel (Are we there yet?)


The worst part of this trip was the traveling...

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China Trip 2016: Part 1 of 3: The Food

What would a trip be without an absurd amount of food? If you don’t experience at least one food coma every three days then you are doing it wrong.

In the span of 21 food filled days, I have had the pleasure…and displeasure…of trying over 1,000 different treats. That number is correct. If proof is needed then I am more than willing to post a picture of everything I crammed in my face hole or even a picture of my newly acquired muffin top! I’m sure you wouldn’t care to see such horrors so let’s just touch on the really good, the really bad and the really…really random.

There are some items that I don’t have a name for so…I gave them nicknames. Here…We…GO!

The Good (In order from favorite to least favorite):

“Bowl of Respect”: This is the best thing I have had the privilege to eat in years...

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IL Desco’s Italian Dinner Competition


Il Desco is a new restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida that centers on “Modern Italian” food. I have not had the pleasure to dine there yet but was made aware of a competition they are holding on Instagram. The participant must make an “Italian Inspired” dinner and photograph their meal on their dinner table. I saw this competition as a fun way to learn, I was hyped, I was ready…I decided not to do it.

I was spewing out excuses much like how Oprah gives gifts. I was talking to people like “You get an excuse, you get an excuse…YOU ALL GET EXCUSES!!!” (I’m paraphrasing). I reported my decision to the woman that informed me about the competition and was relieved to have finally moved on with my choice. Time passes and she responds with…”still submit...

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Disney’s Epcot: Food and Wine Festival 2015

We Went To Disney!!! 


(Brother, me and Pim)

No, not Magic Kingdom. That’s the park with Cinderella’s castle, children-friendly roller coasters and hordes of little girls dressed up as princesses. Instead, we went to Epcot! Why would any sane person forgo going to a magical place filled with laughing children, fairy dust and Mickey Mouse shaped everything? As a glutton, I eagerly answer with one word…FOOD! Epcot had its annual Food & Wine Festival! Epcot is one of the four theme parks under the Disney brand (in Orlando, Florida). The F&W festival takes place in Epcot’s world showcase, where eleven countries are represented. Here is a map that I got from


In addition to the original eleven countries, many more are represented during the F&W festival...

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