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Crispy Cuban Pork Belly

Crispy Mexican Pork Belly At the request of my Instagram friends!Read More

Thai Carnitas Tacos

Thai Carnitas Tacos Patience is virtue...and delicious!Read More

Thai Carnitas

Thai Carnitas Losing my slow cooker virginity...Read More

Mexican Chorizo Rice Bowl

Mexican Rice Bowl Apparently Asians do eat rice with everything...or at least...this Asian does. Read More

Cheesy Chorizo Egg In A Cloud

Cheesy Chorizo Egg In A Cloud Take a visit to Cloud Nueve with me!!Read More

Chorizo Bolognese Fettuccine

Chorizo Bolognese Fettuccine Bootleg Bolognese...Read More

Elvis Inspired Crepes

Elvis Inspired Crepes Crepes..."I can't help...falling in love...with you..."Read More

Mexican Eggs Benedict

Mexican Eggs Benedict Leftover loveRead More

Chorizo Hash

Chorizo Hash "Buenos dias! Soy delicioso!"Read More

Scallops with Loaded Potato Puree

Scallops with Loaded Potato Puree "BOMB"Read More