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Dragon Roll “Eggs” (Bon Bons)

Dragon Roll "Eggs" Giving birth can be fun...Read More

Deconstructed Bagel and Lox

Deconstructed Bagel and Lox One of those "pinky-out" recipesRead More

California Sushi Stack

California Roll Stack With a heavy heart...I give you this recipe.Read More

Green Thai Curry Mussels

Green Thai Curry Mussels just a pinch.Read More

Thai Sweet Chili Scallops

Thai Sweet Chili Scallops Am I THAT bad?Read More

Seared Scallops with Kimchi Potato Puree

Seared Scallops *Pinky Out*Read More

Szechuan Scallop Shooters

Szechuan Scallop Shooters Because it's catchy!Read More

Mini Son in Law Eggs

Mini Son in Law Eggs Son In Law Eggs...only cuter!Read More

Jalapeño Popper Wontons

Wonton wrappers are is deli meat...Hmm....Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey “Wontons”

Thanksgiving!...The Fiya way!Read More