Disney’s Epcot: Food and Wine Festival 2015

We Went To Disney!!! 


(Brother, me and Pim)

No, not Magic Kingdom. That’s the park with Cinderella’s castle, children-friendly roller coasters and hordes of little girls dressed up as princesses. Instead, we went to Epcot! Why would any sane person forgo going to a magical place filled with laughing children, fairy dust and Mickey Mouse shaped everything? As a glutton, I eagerly answer with one word…FOOD! Epcot had its annual Food & Wine Festival! Epcot is one of the four theme parks under the Disney brand (in Orlando, Florida). The F&W festival takes place in Epcot’s world showcase, where eleven countries are represented. Here is a map that I got from alittlewdwmagic.com.


In addition to the original eleven countries, many more are represented during the F&W festival. How do they represent? With the universal language of Food…oh and alcohol, definitely can’t forget about the alcohol! Each country showcases their native cuisine, tapas style (a nicer way of saying small servings). You basically walk around and sample your way around the “world”. A few things to consider before I tell you about my experience.

  1. It was expensive…but not really.
  2. The portions were small…but not really.
  3. The food was good…but not really.

Listen! This site is not about food reviews…obviously I’m not too good at them. The food averaged $5 per plate. The portions were…what’s the word? Let’s go with “petite”…


(Pim and her soup, quarter for scale)

The food was good. Just good. It was also humorously misinterpreted but that is to be expected…


It may seem like I didn’t enjoy the festival but I did. You have to go into this event with the sole purpose of just enjoying yourself. Don’t be too critical. Take in the sights. There is so much to see! Amazing interpretations of global monuments, new cuisines and the occasional drunk group chanting “drink, drink, drink, drink…” are some of the many things that I enjoyed on my trip. To add to the points I made earlier…

  1. The food is in a theme park, the prices are going to make you reflect on your financial stability with each purchase.
  2. The portions are on the smaller side but that gives you more room to try new things.
  3. As for the food, some were good, some not so much. I’m not going to say which because you and I have different palates, you are just gonna have to go and try for yourself. Considering the amount of food the park pumps out…the quality wasn’t bad.

Excluding the cost of entry ($97 plus tax), we spent $126.40 on food. It seems like a hefty amount but it’s not too bad since we were able to try 25 items. Overall, I enjoyed this visit and will definitely go again. I am, after all, a huge consumer in all things Disney.




One more thing, I’m not too big on alcohol (the “red flush” hits me pretty hard) but I really enjoyed the drinks. Had me walking out of the park like…


…just kidding, I was the responsible one.

Below is a gallery of some sights and all the things that went into my stomach during the Food & Wine festival. Click on the image, then the “i” for location and price.

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