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Thai Tuna Poke

Thai Tuna Poke Too much Tuna...what now?Read More

Dragon Roll “Eggs” (Bon Bons)

Dragon Roll "Eggs" Giving birth can be fun...Read More

California Sushi Stack

California Roll Stack With a heavy heart...I give you this recipe.Read More

Thai Sloppy Joe

Thai Sloppy Joe Organized Chaos...Read More

Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll "Yesterday you said tomorrow"-Shia Saide LaBeoufRead More

Thai Carnitas Tacos

Thai Carnitas Tacos Patience is virtue...and delicious!Read More

Szechuan Scallop Shooters

Szechuan Scallop Shooters Because it's catchy!Read More

Thai Sweet Chili Panzanella Salad

Thai Sweet Chili Panzanella Salad Reviving stale bread...with a bit of Thai flare! Read More

Unagi Donburi (Eel Bowl)

Dragon Roll?..."Ain't nobody got time for that"Read More

Dragon Roll

Best Sushi Roll...EVER!!Read More