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Deconstructed Bagel and Lox

Deconstructed Bagel and Lox One of those "pinky-out" recipesRead More

Mexican Chorizo Rice Bowl

Mexican Rice Bowl Apparently Asians do eat rice with everything...or at least...this Asian does. Read More

Cheddar Chive Steak and Eggs

Chive Steak and Eggs Fat on fat on fat...on fat!Read More

Chorizo Hash

Chorizo Hash "Buenos dias! Soy delicioso!"Read More

Scallops with Loaded Potato Puree

Scallops with Loaded Potato Puree "BOMB"Read More

Jalapeño Popper Wontons

Wonton wrappers are is deli meat...Hmm....Read More

Scrambled Eggs

Redemption via Scrambled EggsRead More

Mini Loaded Baked Potatoes

The king of all veggies in it's glory!Read More