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Togarashi Tuna Poke

Togarashi Tuna Poke I see fireRead More

California Sushi Stack

California Roll Stack With a heavy heart...I give you this recipe.Read More

Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll "Yesterday you said tomorrow"-Shia Saide LaBeoufRead More

Caramelized Thai Chili Chicken

Caramelized Thai Chili Chicken Back to my roots!...Not really...but I tried.Read More

Szechuan Shakshouka (Eggs In Purgatory)

Szechuan Shakshouka Edible Chinese Purgatory...Read More

Crab Rangoon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

"Father forgive me...for I have sinned"Read More

Century Eggs Snack

Perfect for the lonelyRead More

Volcano “Sushi” Fries

American Bar Food + Japanese Bar Food = Volcano FriesRead More

Dragon Roll

Best Sushi Roll...EVER!!Read More

Shrimp Sauce & Spicy Mayo

"Why is this called Shrimp Sauce?"....No clueRead More