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Mexican Chorizo Rice Bowl

Mexican Rice Bowl Apparently Asians do eat rice with everything...or at least...this Asian does. Read More

Spicy Chive Aioli

Spicy Chive Aioli Life as told by mayo.Read More

Lychee Lime Lemonade

Lychee Lime Lemonade Insultingly simple...Read More

Korean Skirt Steak with Kimchi Aioli

Korean Skirt Steak with Kimchi Aioli I did it!!! Wooh!!!Read More

Tinker Bell’s Dessert

Tinker Bell's Dessert Do you like in MAGIC?Read More

Strawberry Yogurt Soup

Strawberry Yogurt Soup Soup or smoothie?Read More

Fruit Dessert Tacos

Fruit Dessert Tacos Mystery Box ChallengeRead More

Szechuan Shakshouka (Eggs In Purgatory)

Szechuan Shakshouka Edible Chinese Purgatory...Read More

Elvis Inspired Crepes

Elvis Inspired Crepes Crepes..."I can't help...falling in love...with you..."Read More

Christmas Crepes

Christmas Crepes It's starting to look a lot like...Christmas!Read More