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Strawberry Rose Macaron

Strawberry Rose Macaron

Strawberry Rose Macaron

Do you guys remember this movie? It was created in a time that was less politically correct. I mean, the whole movie revolves around vanity. I was fine with it because it was portrayed in such a catchy way…Disney has such a way with music!

“Now it’s no wonder that her name means “Beauty”
Her looks have got no parallel…” ~Beauty And The Beast

My favorite is still “Be our guest”. Check that out here: The Grey Stuff.

Strawberry Rose Macaron

For those that had no childhood  can’t recall the events that took place, let me remind you.

  • The enchantress looked ugly and was turned away.
  • The prince was made to look like a beast to teach him a lesson.
  • Belle looks good so Gaston, the best looking guy in the village, proposed.
  • Belle is initially shocked at the way the Beast looks (ok, this one is und...
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Strawberry Chamomile Tiramisu

Strawberry Chamomile Tiramisu This one is a real...knock out. *badum tshh*Read More

Cookies and Cream Lava Cake

Cookies and Cream Lava Cake Do it for the irony!Read More

Tinker Bell’s Dessert

Tinker Bell's Dessert Do you like in MAGIC?Read More

Rapunzel Inspired Flower Panna Cotta

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Disney’s Epcot: Food and Wine Festival 2015

We Went To Disney!!! 


(Brother, me and Pim)

No, not Magic Kingdom. That’s the park with Cinderella’s castle, children-friendly roller coasters and hordes of little girls dressed up as princesses. Instead, we went to Epcot! Why would any sane person forgo going to a magical place filled with laughing children, fairy dust and Mickey Mouse shaped everything? As a glutton, I eagerly answer with one word…FOOD! Epcot had its annual Food & Wine Festival! Epcot is one of the four theme parks under the Disney brand (in Orlando, Florida). The F&W festival takes place in Epcot’s world showcase, where eleven countries are represented. Here is a map that I got from alittlewdwmagic.com.


In addition to the original eleven countries, many more are represented during the F&W festival...

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The Grey Stuff

A tribute to my childhood Idol...the great Sir LumièreRead More