Who Am I?

Hiya! Welcome to FeedingTheFiya! (Did you see what I did there?)

Not funny? Oh ok…moving on, my name is Fiya Fong and this is my passion project.

Who is Fiya?


I am not like the thousands of other food bloggers out there. Unlike those talented individuals…I am rather clueless in the kitchen. My father is a Chinese chef and entrepreneur, my mother shares the same titles and here I am struggling to make white rice without burning the bottom layer…a great dishonor in any Chinese household. I have since decided to up my cooking game and jump into the world of food. This blog will chronicle my path to becoming a better cook and push my skills beyond microwave mastery.

With a hunger (literally) for the culinary arts, I abandoned my parents’ dreams of raising a CEO, Doctor, or Lawyer, and opted for a much more fulfilling, albeit less lucrative, career in culinary. Sounds impulsive? Truth is, I have had this urge for years but have been too afraid to act on it…until now.

Why did I start a blog?


I have a crusading desire to show people that there is more to Asian food than General Tso’s chicken, Pad Thai and Sushi. I am here to pay homage to the authentic dishes that our ancestors took delight in. I am also here to introduce dishes that would presumably leave said ancestors in utter confusion.

Favorite flavors from different cultures intermingled, revised and presented by a Chinese guy. These recipes will be respectfully labeled “Made in China” because, let’s face it, my people bootleg EVERYTHING. There! I said it so you don’t have to. I believe mainstream media calls it fusion.

I want you to see me as a source of inspiration, not a teacher. My ultimate goal for this blog is to show my parents and viewers that success and happiness can be found beyond cubicle walls.

Thoughts on food and my blog

The best meals are 1) with great company, 2) free, 3) humble and/or 4) something hard to pronounce.

Calories don’t count on holidays, weekends, with loved ones and most importantly, if you cooked it yourself. It is proven science!*

My recipes are not gospel; please adjust to your personal tastes. With that said, I WILL NEVER post something I wouldn’t enjoy eating.

*Disclaimer: This is only true in my reality; I can not be held accountable for the impending weight gain resulting in your adherence to my dietary suggestions.




 I wholeheartedly welcome you to join me in my successes,

laugh at my mishaps and most importantly…

be inspired to chase your dreams!

Thank you for joining me on mine.